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Re-start 'new'  时间:2019-01-18
Clean man, clean work 时间:2019-01-18
Watch the propaganda draft of 40 years of reform and opening up 时间:2019-01-15
Carry out the "military soul ingenuity" theme Party Day activities 时间:2019-01-15
Xinzheng testing party branch party style clean government education special study meeting 时间:2019-01-15
New recruits, new promotions, young employees, Party members leading cadres integrity, warning education 时间:2019-01-15
Inject fresh blood to help the development of enterprises 时间:2019-01-15
Xinzheng testing company carried out "Do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme education and warning education learning 时间:2019-01-15
New era, new journey, new starting point, new hope - Xinjiang Xinzheng Testing Technology Co., Ltd. carried out theme expansion activities 时间:2018-01-29
Notice of acceptance of environmental protection upon completion of the new temporary storage project for radioactive sources 时间:2018-01-16
Notice of acceptance of environmental protection upon completion of the temporary storage of radioactive sources decommissioning project 时间:2018-01-16
"Urumqi-changjitou Tunhe Landscape Bridge Project" two span non-destructive testing has been completed, the detection volume of up to 13,000 tons 时间:2017-07-31
We will thoroughly implement the principles of the eight-point regulations of the Central Committee 时间:2017-05-08
Clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets 时间:2017-05-08
Ruixing Community and Midong Environmental Protection Bureau work team visited our company for inspection and guidance 时间:2017-05-08
Xinzheng testing company winter training successfully concluded 时间:2017-02-13
Strengthen the safety awareness of employees, improve the ability of fire self-rescue -- Xinzheng testing company standardized fire drill 时间:2017-02-13
Xinzheng testing company to carry out winter training 时间:2017-02-13
Strengthen the awareness of disaster prevention and risk aversion, and improve self-rescue and mutual rescue skills -- Xinzheng Testing Company organized all staff to participate in first-aid knowledge training 时间:2016-12-15
Xinzheng Company around the "learning series speech, strengthen the 'four kinds of consciousness'" topic, to organize learning discussions 时间:2016-11-10
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