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    Xinjiang Xinzheng Testing Technology Co., LTD. Its predecessor is the central laboratory of Xinjiang Construction and Installation Engineering Co., LTD,In 1996, it was accepted as a group member by the Nondestructive Testing Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society,In 1998, it passed the CMA certification of the State Technical Supervision Bureau,In 2003, it was officially registered as an independent legal person and approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine。The registered capital of the company is 5 million yuan, which is a collection of non-destructive testing, chemical composition analysis, metal material physical properties test, fastener inspection, welding inspection, welder training;Electrical equipment and electrical equipment handover test;Automatic instrument (installation) debugging;Air conditioning debugging and other professional comprehensive testing service enterprises。
    The company's existing technical supervision bureau issued by the autonomous regionQualification of inspection and testing institutions"(CMA) certificate," Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institution approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision "non-destructive testing B-level qualification certificate," Autonomous Region Construction Engineering Quality Testing Institution "steel structure professional qualification certificate," Radiation Safety License "issued by the Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Bureau,Passed the "Quality, environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification";Our company has become the China Special Equipment Inspection Association special equipment non-destructive testing working committee deputy director units,China Mechanical Engineering Society non-destructive testing, physical and chemical inspection branch director unit,Member of China Building Steel Structure Association, member of welding branch, Executive director of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Construction engineering Quality Supervision Association,Xinjiang Mechanical Engineering Society non-destructive testing, physical and chemical inspection, welding professional committee vice chairman unit,Member of Special Equipment Association of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,Urumqi construction engineering inspection and testing Association vice president unit,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region quality inspection and testing association governing unit。
    Headquartered in Urumqi, the company has 69 employees, including 4 leaders and 33 managers.1 graduate student, 21 undergraduate students, 23 junior college students;Among them, there are 3 senior engineers, 7 engineers and 23 other professional technicians。The company consists of safety and quality technology department, business department, equipment and materials Department, finance and personnel department, market contract and party affairs department, non-destructive testing room, physical and chemical room, welding room, electrical instrument debugging center。The construction area of the company is 2770 square meters, including 450 laboratory area.4 square meters, office space 1409.6 square meters, the site area of 910 square meters, equipped with domestic and foreign advanced inspection and testing sophisticated equipment 241 sets (sets), the original value of equipment fixed assets up to 612.560,000 yuan, is the autonomous region considerable scale strength and influential inspection and testing team。
    The company strictly implements the management system certification, the quality and safety of the inspection and testing work has been guaranteed, and a series of typical projects have been completed。For more than 10 years,The company's footprint is all over the Tianshan Mountains,He has also undertaken inspection and testing tasks outside Xinjiang,Has carried out testing work in Jinan, Laiwu, Hanzhong, Taiyuan, Kunming, Guangzhou, Yan 'an, Jinchang and other places,The scope of testing involves construction installation, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, wind energy, mechanical and electrical installation, metallurgy, water conservancy and hydropower, highway and bridge, urban construction heating and gas supply and mechanical processing industries,In the field of Xinjiang industry has a strong technical strength and strong social influence,The company's brand reputation has been widely recognized by the industry,Its comprehensive strength ranks at the forefront of the industry in the region。Over the years,The company is engaged in non-destructive testing and physical and chemical testing of boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, non-standard equipment, large steel structures and construction projects,Accumulated rich experience,The unique new technology, new method and new testing means of non-destructive testing and physical and chemical testing are developed,Undertook a large number of non-destructive testing physical and chemical tests and electrical instrument debugging work of large key projects inside and outside the district,Its test, inspection quality and service consciousness have been highly appraised by the owners, supervision and quality supervision departments,Won a good social reputation。

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