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Xinjiang Xinzheng Testing Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes the inspection and testing work of building installation, steel structure, boiler pressure vessels, pressure pipes and various products, adhering to the purpose of "quality first, customer first", strictly implementing relevant national laws and regulations, norms and standards to ensure the quality of inspection and testing work。Special commitment to society:

1. The company is legally registered,With independent legal personality inspection and testing institutions,The inspection and testing work is independent of the interested parties involved in the inspection and testing results,Not affected by any factors that may interfere with its technical judgment,And ensure that the test results are not affected by organizations or individuals other than laboratories and inspection institutions,Guarantee the impartial position of third parties of the company。

2. The inspection and testing personnel of the Company shall not have an interest relationship with the inspection and testing work they engage in and the data and results they issue;Shall not participate in any activities that undermine the independence and integrity of the inspection and testing judgment。

3, the company's inspection and testing work is based on technical standards, all staff should abide by the law, do not accept any form of gifts or any unreasonable requirements of the inspected unit, the violator will be dealt with according to the seriousness of the case, the violator will be investigated for its legal responsibility。

4, the company for any entrusted inspection and testing units to provide scientific, fair, effective, accurate inspection and testing data and timely quality services。

5, the company is not allowed to sample, information, data and other technical secrets and trade secrets provided to other units or for their own technical development。

6, the company's inspection and testing results are not subject to any administrative, economic and other pressures and interests of interference, according to law, whether the product meets the standards of inspection and testing, issued a scientific, fair, accurate and reliable inspection report。

7, the company has developed a system to ensure that inspection and testing personnel are not subject to external pressure and influence,Through the effective implementation of the system,The inspection personnel may be subjected to internal or external commercial, economic, financial or interpersonal pressure or influence to eliminate,Make employees in a state of independence from any influence,Complete inspection activities,Company employees should be self-disciplined,Resist commercial bribery。

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